Competition Winner

Skylines of sameness are mushrooming around the world. Love Park in Toronto is an effort to break from the grid and assert an open space character that reinforces Toronto’s evolving landscape specificity, while introducing a unique signature that expresses the spirit of the city. A new metropolitan icon to capture the Toronto brand, Love Park will also fulfill its role as local park for the diverse mix of residents, workers, visitors and tourists in the burgeoning Waterfront Neighbourhood.

A space of simplicity and grandeur, Love Park will accommodate numerous flexible and open-ended uses, responding to continually emerging community needs, while sustaining its own conceptual integrity over time.

The interplay between clearing / tree cover, sun / shade, as well as watching / revealing all combine to create a GREEN OASIS of quiet yet stimulating repose. Open-ended possibilities for program across the year range from passive uses like dog walking, lunch eating, and taking selfies, to more organized happenings like Christmas markets, art fairs, community gatherings, and outdoor shows. This breathing room in the city is qualified by a looseness in layout that promotes freshness and flexibility. Unobstructed sight lines through clearings and trees promote safety without imposing an overly rigid structure of occupancy. Comfortable for the body and invigorating for the mind, Love Park will become another urban catalyst, similar to our other Toronto projects that playfully compel people to give in to their heart’s wish to just let themselves feel good.

The Team
Love Park is led by Montreal-based Claude Cormier + Associés, creators of numerous Toronto public spaces including Sugar Beach and Berczy Park.

Toronto-based architects gh3* have designed the park pavilion, which embodies their unique modernist eye to order and beauty.

The heart-shaped basin is designed by DEW Inc, the Toronto-based fountain designers behind some of the world’s most iconic water features.

Engineering is led by Arup, a global leader with extensive experience on key Waterfront Toronto projects. Lighting Design is by Ombrages/Éclairage Public of Montreal.

The Public Art strategist is Lesley Johnstone, Curator at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary art.