Rees Landing is a CoLaboratory: a collective testing ground for new forms of civic and ecological expression. Made from a flexible kit of parts, the park can be altered, edited, and re-arranged, adapting to how citizens engage with its spaces; how our public grows with it; and to how it might respond to known and unknown change in our urban and environmental context. Open surfaces can be peeled up or pushed down, using a range of permeable or impermeable materials to create a diversity of specific conditions — high/low, wet/dry, sheltered/exposed, hard/soft — while larger open areas, structures, and art walls allow for endless re-imagining and re-activating. Rees Landing offers possibilities for what could be, for what might come—a CoLaboratory for community invention, through rich and ongoing civic experimentation.

The collaborative process begins with the selection of the park concept, at which time a period of civic engagement and community input begins. To provide the community with an opportunity to shape the design, the Rees Landing team has developed the park through a series of topographic moves — pushes and pulls — laid out on a measured, striated version of the park site. This sets the stage, creating a framework for a park and developing the tools that allow for an evolving park that acknowledges the need for public input and change over time. The Park is inherently dynamic, always changing to meet the needs of the communities that inhabit it.

The Team
The Stoss + DTAH team is a cutting-edge design team that believes in the productive role of landscape in the making and re-making of cities and social spaces. Stoss leads together with Toronto-based landscape architecture, urban design, and architecture firm DTAH, bringing together a unique set of specialists taken from a wide range of fields and bring distinct set of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and perspectives to the table — architects, landscape architects, designers, artists, curators, ecologists, planners, climate leaders, technologists, engineers. This think tank includes Höweler + Yoon, Daily tous les jours, Moses Structural Engineering, TMIG, Mulvey & Banani Lighting, PLANDFORM, Fadi Masoud, Bradley Cantrell, and RallyRally.